Essential Tips To Keep Your Freight Trucking Team Safe On The Road

Hauling freight across the United States is, as we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, absolutely essential. Without semi trucks on the road, goods simply wouldn’t get where they need to be, and the American economy would pretty much collapse as a result. Just think about how many freight trucks you drive past on the interstate; they’re ever-present in numbers and they’re not going away any time soon.

How To Become A Truck Broker: Safety First

Even with automation in the freight transportation industry in the form of self-driving trucks, you’re going to want to take great care of your truck driving team when you eventually start a trucking company. Learning how to become a freight broker with no experience is the first challenge that you’ll encounter if you have no experience in this domain, but remember that Transportation Academy can help you learn how to become a truck broker in a matter of weeks!

After You’ve Graduated From Our Freight Broker School…

Once you’ve attended our seminars and you’re on your way to scaling up your own freight company, you’ll need to take good care of your drivers. Here are some of the most essential freight trucking safety tips out there:

Perform Every Necessary Inspection Prior To Departure

A trailer load could be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it pays to make sure that it’s getting to the intended destination safely and without harm. Your drivers don’t know how the trailer was previously handled when they go to receive it, so make sure that all of the routine safety and quality assurance checks are performed.

Take Frequent Breaks

As the owner of a freight company, you’ll know just as well as your drivers that time is money. That’s true just about everywhere in the business world, but what’s important to know is that a safely delivered freight load is better than a hastily delivered one.

Spending hours on the road is exhausting for your drivers, so make sure to encourage them to take breaks at rest stations. Stretching, walking around, grabbing a meal and some coffee, or even exercising and taking a shower are great ways to rejuvenate before hitting the open road again.

Discourage Aggressive Driving

Your truck drivers should know that tailgating is a strict no-no, as is any form of aggressive driving. Have them stick to the right lane and only pass when it’s necessary.

Be Prepared For Anything

Whether it’s inclement weather, an unexpected accident, metro area traffic or closed roads, your drivers should be equipped with the knowledge and physical resources to handle just about anything on the road. This includes stocking their trucks with items like snow chains, road flares, communication equipment, warm clothes, high-visibility vests, and so forth.

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