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As an aspiring entrepreneur, we know your time is very valuable. We offer services that allow your investment to work for you in your sleep. Your next big thing is just an investment away — invest in your future by working with Transportation Academy!

“Don’t work for Money, make your Money work for you.”


Have you been dreaming of starting your own transportation company or just looking for your next investment, but did not know where to start? Starting your own business today can be difficult without the right guidance. Fortunately, we have the tools and knowledge to teach you how to become a freight broker. Register for our mini business seminar on how to start your own Freight Brokerage or Trucking Company today. “Step by step to Greatness”

If you are ready to start another “Billion Dollar” transportation company contact us today!


Do you need guidance in getting started in your transportation company? We can help!

Are you trying to enter the transportation industry? Have you had a passion to become a transportation owner but you need help that will save you years of lessons and mistakes? You want to start a transportation business with the guidance of experienced professionals like our team at Transportation Academy. Why take the risk of learning as you go, when you can hire us to show you 20 years of freight brokerage experience in just hours, days, or minutes?

How can hiring a transportation consultant help your business?

Transportation Consultants and Specialist

We specialize in transportation consulting and advising. Our team includes a successful transportation specialist, specializing in helping you succeed in your next business by training or learning on a freight agent webinar.

We help companies directly with opening, managing, advising, transforming and reconstructing their freight brokerage business. Our services are affordable to small and large companies no matter their location or issue. We provide services to you at your location and convenience.

Don’t wait to learn how to be a freight broker. Learn more about freight broker training by getting in touch with Transportation Academy today!