Why Should You Own A Freight Brokerage Company?

In the United States’ free market, capitalist economy, Americans have the freedom to choose what they’d like to do for work. Now, while your experience, passions, skills, education, and accreditation certainly play integral roles in finding a job (after all, not everyone can be a rocket scientist), there are many lucrative career opportunities out there for curious investors such as yourself. All you have to do is inquire about these opportunities, seize them, and commit to them.

Why Look Into Our Trucking Franchise Opportunities?

At Transportation Academy, we’re one of the nation’s leaders in providing immensely profitable career paths for qualified investors. Why? Well, for one, we work in trucking and freight brokerage company ownership. That’s our bread and butter, and we choose this industry because it’s not going away any time soon.

Investing In Transportation Just Makes Sense

Look on the road as you drive on the interstate. What do you see? Semi trucks alongside normal road cars. Goods need to be shipped around the country, and around the world, every single day. According to Popular Mechanics, back in 2016, semi trucks drove a collective (and impressive) 175 billion miles. They estimate that roughly 68 percent of all goods in the United States are delivered via semi truck, totaling about 60,000 pounds of goods per American per year.

Given the reality of commercial transportation, it would only make sense to invest in such an industry. That’s where Transportation Academy and our trucking franchise opportunities enter the picture.

We’re Here As Your Transportation Consultant

So, you’d like to get your foot in the door of a lucrative freight broker career? You’re not in this alone. Transportation Academy provides the guidance, tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to start a transportation company. We’ve answered the search query “how to become a broker for truck drivers” many times, and we’re more than ready to help you through our broker school.

Seminars Through Transportation Academy

It’s not easy to know where to start, but so long as you have the willingness to commit to owning your own freight company, Transportation Academy can help you take it from there. We offer a number of transportation ownership seminars in various cities across the United States designed to help you know exactly what to do, what you need, and how to scale your own trucking business in a sensible and profitable manner.

MC Authority

Looking to get MC authority accreditation? MC authority is necessary to run a trucking business from a legal perspective. Transportation Academy makes it easy to obtain your MC authority so that you’re not bogged down by red tape and you can focus on what matters: moving forward with your business — literally!

Your Road To Success Starts With Transportation Academy

If you’re ready to take charge of your career, we can help you own a freight trucking company. Struggling with a freight business that you already own? Our transportation consultants can also help improve and strengthen your company.

To get started and move forward with your own trucking company franchise, contact Transportation Academy today.