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Every day of the year, every minute of every hour, goods are constantly being shipped around the world. The world of commerce is a well-oiled, nonstop machine that doesn’t sleep at nights and doesn’t take holidays off. No matter how you look at it — domestically, internationally or otherwise — items simply need to get places. That’s just a matter of fact.

The United States spans a massive area, meaning that goods must be transported hundreds if not thousands of miles from coast to coast. If you’ve spent just about any amount of time driving on America’s interstate highway system (what driver hasn’t?), then you’ve encountered these goods transportation vessels that keep our economy going strong: semi trucks.

Looking To Own Your Own Freight Company? We Can Help!

At Transportation Academy, we’re not a semi truck driving school and we’re certainly no driver’s ed program for teenagers. We’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs start a trucking company with the help of our comprehensive freight broker training services. With the help of our transportation ownership seminars and MC authority accreditation, we’ll equip you with all of the tools, knowledge, and resources to start your own trucking company the right way.

Every day that you drive, you see it with your own eyes. With the constant hustle and bustle of freight transportation, why not get in on the action and take a slice of this lucrative industry?

Your Total Transportation Consultants

The prospect of entering the transportation industry can be tempting due to the inherent profitability of most trucking companies. However, it’s also difficult to know where to start and how to approach building your own transportation business. That’s why our team at Transportation Academy serves as your dedicated consultant, providing guidance, support, and valuable knowledge that’s necessary to excel in this industry.

We don’t expect you to have all of the answers on your own — through collaboration and cooperation, we’ll provide the help that you need.

Struggling With Your Current Freight Business?

Not only do we work with burgeoning entrepreneurs, but Transportation Academy is also capable of helping existing brokerage companies. Tired of hauling cheap freight? Unsure how to grow your number of drivers without growing too quickly? We’ve worked with freight companies that were facing bankruptcy, and turned them into successful, well-known companies.

Through customized plans of action geared toward your unique business needs and long-term goals, our transportation consultants are here to help if your company is facing a difficult time.

Invest In Your Vision — Start A Trucking Company Today!

Whether you’ve dabbled in the freight industry or you’re sitting there wondering how to become a freight broker with no experience, let your doubts and fears subside with the assistance of Transportation Academy.

To learn more about our upcoming freight agent seminars or franchise opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, thoughts, or concerns. We’d like to thank you for stopping by our blog — tune in for more insightful content on the freight trucking industry and how you can start your own trucking company!