The Value Of Freight Transportation — And Why Freight Brokerage Matters

If there weren’t millions of semi-trucks on the road delivering various products and goods, the United States economy simply couldn’t function like it does today. When we say millions of semi-trucks, we really do mean millions according to U.S. Special Delivery, there are over half a million trucking companies in the United States (!) with over 15.5 million trucks on U.S. roads at any given time (about two million of these trucks are tractor trailers). That’s pretty amazing.

U.S. Special Delivery also states that “80% of these trucking companies are regarded as small business totaling 6 trucks or less.” That statistic truly illustrates the lucrative market opportunities that accompany starting a freight trucking business, in that you can successfully start a freight business with relatively minimal overhead and make your way into a market that’s proven to make freight company owners money.

All you need are the right tools and resources.

Transportation Academy Is Here To Help

In the era of entrepreneurship, it’s tempting to start your own business. As the boss, you can set your own hours, manage a small team, and even work remotely from the comfort of your home. Contrary to what some may think, owning a freight trucking business doesn’t mean that you’ll have to drive semi-trucks, work on semi-trucks, or even set foot in one.

You’ll be working on the managerial, legal, and logistical side of things, and with the assistance of our freight brokerage training services, Transportation Academy can help get you there!

How Does Freight Transportation Directly Benefit Everyone?

Whether you’re a consumer, business owner, infrastructure engineer, or freight trucking business owner, the value of freight transportation is simply undeniable:

Production Benefits

  • Lower production costs
  • Lower inventory levels
  • More optimized production locations

Economic Benefits

  • Lower prices on products for consumers
  • More product variety for consumers
  • Enhanced economic growth and overall efficiency

Distribution Benefits

  • Lower distribution costs
  • Lower inventory levels for businesses
  • More streamlined distribution network

Improved Transportation Infrastructure

  • Greater speed (highways and interstates with no stops)
  • More reliability (improvements in automotive technology)
  • Lower overall transportation costs (fewer trips due to large cargo trailers)

Angry commuters frequently complain about the presence of semi-trucks on the road, and from a safety perspective, yes, it makes sense. However, the saying goes something like this: “Don’t like semis? Stop buying stuff.” That’s the reality of commerce; people are continually buying goods and we need to move these goods across the country.

It’s with this lucrative market in mind that Transportation Academy can help you get started.

Learn More About Our Freight Brokerage Training Services

Wondering how to start your own trucking company? We’re your source for help! From MC authority to transportation consulting and in-person training seminars, we can help you build a freight business from the ground up, or even improve your existing freight transportation business.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is a better time than ever before to get started! Take your first step to entrepreneurial success: contact us today!